Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria

As music continues to be a lucrative profession in Nigeria, many singers have successfully enriched themselves including the indigenous Fuji Musicians.

We have the full list of the 10 richest and most successful Fuji singers in Nigeria. They are;

1. Ayinde Wasiu Mashal (K1 De Ultimate) – N750 Million

Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria

Wasiu Ayinde is topping the list of richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria, he has been in the industry for many years and his style of music is well accepted by well-meaning Fuji lovers.

Some believe that this man is now the leading artist in the genre. We cannot call him the father of this genre. However, he is one of those who transfer this style to the big arena and not only play it in private.

He is a friend of several influential politicians in Nigeria, which is also beneficial to his career. The net worth of this man used to be N750 million; however, this number has grown recently.

2. Alabi Pasuma – N555 Million

Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria

This man is another prominent celebrity among the current top 10 richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria. Pasuma music is known as the new generation of the genre. His talent and passion for what he is doing give him the strength to move forward.

Thanks to his versatility, he is the one who combined the pop art with the Fuji style and made it closer to regular people like you and me.

Pasuma is the owner of the “Wasbar” records as well as an author of an album called “My World” which is loved by both Fuji and hip-hop fans.

3. Abass Akande Obesere – N500 Million

Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria

The third on our list is Abass Akande Obesere. He is worth over 500 million naiaHis name is often involved in various conflicts and scandals with his rivals. However, this does not change the fact that he has great taste in music.

Obesere started performing in this style in the 1990s and still got it. One of the most prominent appearances of the artiste was at the coronation of Olubadan in Ibadan.

4. Saheed Osupa – N450 Million

Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria

With his net worth of slightly more than 450N million, Saidi Osupa is a real find for the Fuji music in Nigeria. He was raised as a man with an engineering mentality. However, given the artistic nature deep inside of him, he did not let his talent dissolve even while studying at the Polytechnic.

His name was once in the scandal centred around him being called the “King of music.” His rivals did not feel like he deserved that title so instead of simply letting him get the title they started a real scandal.

Nevertheless, his image was not damaged in any way. All the controversies are in the past now. Today this prosperous man is still on stage and is still writing the music which makes him one of the happiest as well as richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria.

5. Adewale Ayuba – N400 Million

Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria

This popular musician is known for his deep thoughts and outstanding lyrics. He is in this style to let the world stop and think about the different philosophical questions he raises.

He became a Christian, which perhaps is the reason for the change in his lyrics and introduce the listeners to the new concepts he believes in. Let’s see what material this artiste will present in the future.

6. Sule Alao Malaika – N300 Million

Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria

Also, known as Sule Adekule Alao, he is a man of fortune. Most of the money he made was thanks to Fuji music and his incredible potential in this area.

Thus, as his fans call him, KS 1 the Pride truly is the person who brought this style of music to the public and made it somewhat equally popular as pop music. His net worth is around N300 million, and he is not going to stop here.

Though Malaika is not been too long in this genre, he has already performed with the prominent artists of Nigeria and is willing to work more. Open to new opportunities and close to the philosophy of the young generation, this man will definitely have his word in the history of Fuji music in Nigeria.

7. Shefiu Alao – N200 Million

Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria

Many fans know him under the name Omo Oko. He lives in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital. For his creative career, Alao received many important awards.

The musical path of the artist began in 1982. He connected his life with the Fuji genre by chance, however, as a result, it became his creative specialization.

At first, Shefiu Alao performed on the streets without relying on big fees and now he is fabulously rich. Today he thanks God for this result. Alao’s works are very popular not only in Nigeria but also abroad. This prominent artist received awards in Ghana and Austria.

8. Muri Thunder – N100 Million

Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria

His full name is Muritala Ademola Salaudeen. He began to be interested in music while in high school. Over time, the love for this hobby completely replaced education.

The musician refused to study and focused on building a career. His parents were in shock because of this decision and threatened to disown their son.

However, nothing prevented him from achieving his goals. Muri left his parents’ home at an early age and lived with an aunt who provided support in all his ambitions.

In 1999, a contract was signed with Mosbelatan Music Label. The first studio album OPTIMISM became available to the general public.

9. Taiye Currency – N85 Million

Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria

Under this stage name, works Taiye Akande Adebisi, who made his way into the industry and became number 9 on our list of the richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria. He is mainly popular in Oyo State given that that’s his home of residence.

Nevertheless, he willingness to expand his area of influence, and thus he now works with different audiences in Lagos.

He used to be backed up by his brother. But given the death of the latter, he is now doing it all alone. He is not afraid of the popularity his rivals have.

The man is sure that his talent will still keep him famous despite having no connections with the political forces or having no personal record studio.

10. Remi Aluko – N55 Million

Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria

Many fans know him under the name Igwe1. He began studying music at an extremely early age. The artiste often uses fast rhythms and interesting slang that attracts the attention of young listeners.

He has a great experience in studio work and stage performances. Aluko’s glory does not cease to grow with great speed.

The media has been shaken for a long time by rumours about the artist’s blindness. It was believed that he was involved in a Blackberry phone theft and, as a result of hand-to-hand combat, he lost his sight.

Over time, it became known that in fact, Remi was not blind. He just had to cope with the glaucoma eye infection.


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