Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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Nigerian white woman

White woman excited after tracing her ancestry to Nigeria

A white woman known as Jessie Joe Jacobs hs disclosed that she traced her root to Nigeria some years ago and she’s so much proud to identify with the West African country

Lady celebrates living with HIV for 22 years

A lady has taken to her social media page to celebrate living with HIV for 22 years after which she contacted the virus. Mancobeni Makhwayi,...

You’ve always hated Igbos – Mike Ezuruonye criticizes Kunle Afolayan

The filmmaker had taken to social media to share a message he got from an Instagram user accusing Ezuronye of scamming women and lying...

#EndSARS: Protesters Converge At Iyana Ipaja, Lagos, Demand End To Police Brutality (Video)

Residents at Iyana Ipaja and its environment to demand for the end to police brutality and rascality. The protesters decry the poor conduct of the...



No child no husband

“No child, no husband” — Single 40-year-old lady laments (video)

A TikTok user identified as Nekesa says she is 40 and unmarried with no child of her own resorted to the platform to lament her situation
The Youngest Mom In England

A Girl Pregnant At The Age Of 11 Became The Youngest Mom In England

An England teenager identified as Tressa Middleton became pregnant at age 11 and gave birth at age 12 after being raped by her own brother
Woman Gave Birth To 11 kids

How An Indian Woman Gave Birth To 11 kids – 1 Boy And 10...

An Indian woman who is regarded as a supermom gave birth to eleven infants at once somewhere in India, specifically in Surat
Set of Twins After 10 Years

She Had Twins at 30, Then Another Set of Twins After 10 Years

Teп years after my first set of twiпs, oпe of each this time, I feel blessed, opportυпed, elated that small me has five blessed childreп.
Mum welcomes set of Twins

Mum Jubilates as she welcomes set of Twins (Video)

A Beautiful mum of four is in a rejoicing mood as she welcomed a set of Twins which makes her thank God for the great news


Meet Nigerian Man Who Built 3-Bedroom House with 14,800 Plastic Bottles...

Nigerian engineer, Yahaya Ahmed has made a great achievement as he built a house in Kaduna using 14,800 sand-filled plastic bottles as bricks