Kolawole Ajeyemi is a star in the Yoruba industry. Talking facts about Kolawole Ajeyemi, he has been acting in the 90s.

Facts About Kolawole Ajeyemi

According to KenInfo Not only a competent actor but a movie director, a movie producer. His nickname on stage is Awilo. He always celebrates his birthday on the 15th of January every year.

There are some facts that might interest you more about the Nollywood star, Kolawole Ajeyemi

10 Facts about Nollywood star actor, Kolawole Ajeyemi

1. Kolawole Ajeyemi from Ogbomosho, Oyo state.

2. His father is a popular musician, Ajeyemi.

3. He married his beloved wife, Toyin Abraham July 4, 2019.

4. Kolawole and Toyin welcome a bouncing baby boy a month after their wedding in August 2019.

5. He has an O’ level degree daughter called Temitope Ajeyemi from his previous marriage.

6. He’s the founder and CEO of Aje Omo, Aje school of performing arts. It’s located in Abeokuta.

7. He’s also the founder and CEO of Kolawole clothing’s, a company that makes native wear and shoes.

8. He started his acting career under the tutelage of Segun Ogungbe.

9. He got his nickname ‘Awilo’ from the rugged roles he played in his movies.

  1. His son Ireoluwa Ajeyemi has won the most influential person of the year.


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