Boy tortured with electric shocks
Boy tortured being with electric shocks

A video of a boy being tortured with several electric shocks by an unidentified man has circulated the social media.

The viral video shows the young lad begging for mercy while the man did not listen to him as he tied him to a metal cross and made him face multiple electric shocks.

This was posted on Instagram by a medical doctor and humanitarian, Dr. Yolanda, calling for useful information to help bring the perpetrators to justice.

The man was holding an uncovered electric wire and, he repeatedly placed the wire on the metal cross where the boy was tied.

The boy started convulsing and began to foam due to the electric shocks and, the torturer continued despite the boy begging for his life.

The video also showed the presence of young people and adults laughing at the boy as they watched him tortured.

Dr. Yolanda wrote;

“Hi my Darlings… I need your urgent help… Does anyone recognize this area… the man or the victim .. we need to rescue as soon as possible… I just can’t process… this.. losing my mind .. just help me find him… please”.


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