Jonathan and Janaya Boston Mcray

Jonathan and Janaya Boston Mcray, 18-year-old twins, graduated as the best-graduating students of William W. Bodine High School and earned a full-ride scholarship to study at the university.

They are twins born just one minute apart. They graduated with distinctions from William W. Bodine High School, North Philly in the United States.

Jonathan graduated as the valedictorian and Janaya graduated as the salutatorian. The Mcray twins said they had always relied on each other and their family. “We motivate each other at all times as we compete for grades and everything,” Janaya said.

Jonathan stated that their parents have always been their motivation and a major part of their success. “I watched my parents sacrifice a lot for me and my sister throughout the years,” he said.

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While in high school, the twins were active students both in their studies and extracurricular activities. Janaya played basketball while Jonathan ran track.

William W. Bodine High School history teacher Kate Raber, praised the Mcray twins , describing them as intelligent and more than just academically adept. “They are students who know their minds. They’re students who know how to elevate their voices and their own classmates,” Raber said.

The twins mentioned that they are the first in their entire family to ever enroll in college. The Mcray siblings were awarded a full-ride scholarship to study at the university of their choice. Janaya said she will be studying at Temple University to pursue a career as a veterinarian.


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