Is Liquorose decent or she is just like many other casual girls out there?

Liquorose Bad Dress

When Liquorose appeared almost naked yesterday at an event, several Nigerians began to question her type of dress and how bad her dress was.

In the dress, she wore a pant and covered the rest of her body with a net, her breast and pant are revealed to the public. Pardon me, that’s the best way I can describe what she wore.

Liquorose was trying to dress like her American idol, Rihanna to impress her teeming fans but few of them were impressed with her dress.

Liquorose Bad Dress`

Many people wondered why a Liquorose they hold with high esteem could go down the line revealing some part of her body.

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As expected, some of her fans didn’t let the argument go without making a case for her.

They advised those complaining about her dress to focus more on their personal lives and asked if she is the first BBNaija female housemate that has dressed like that.

“Please they let her be abeg…Is this the first time any person will wear a naked clothes…Let her be biko” Temi Lola commented in a Facebook post.

Reacting to people criticism, Liqruose asked why Nigerians are condemning and blasting her over what she chose to wear. “Liquorose herself ra para para para” She wrote on her Twitter Page.

My own concern is that why are people surprised about her dress, were they thinking Liquorose is a lady they could beat their chest for that she is decent?

Let me ask his question, is Liquorose decent? Or she is just like every other casual girl out there?

Liquorose Bad Dress

Let’s look at some of the activities of Liquorose while in the house, after giving you some three scenes, part of which you could have seen or known, by then, you should tell me why Liquorose dress recent dress should surprise you.

You should be able to provide an answer to my major question; is Liquorose decent or not?

Liquorose Ass Revealed by Emmanuel when Giving Her A Massage

When she was in the house, after a Saturday Night Party, Emmanuel revealed the half part of Liquorose’s ass while giving her a massage. For Emmanuel to have confidently revealed the ass of Liquorose, only God knows what had happened between them when they were both alone.

Liquorose Had Sex With Emmanuel In The House

Many videos of Liquorose and Emmanuel having sex while in the house are circulating the internet. In an undercover, the two were spotted to be grilling each other at night while others were asleep.

After the video became viral, Liquorose denied having sex with anyone in the house. Some netizens said there is no how Liqourose would admit that she had sex with Emmanuel.

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To further affirm that, Angel, her fellow housemate told Cross she (Liquoorse) and Emmanuel had sex together in the house. If they didn’t have sex in those videos as she said, should we also say Angel lied about them having sex?

Let me leave you with that thought of wether she is decent or she is like many other casual grls.

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