Tinuke Vibes

In a recent video circulating online, a middle-aged Nigerian woman named Tinuke Vibes shared her views on polygamy, sparking discussions on social media.

Despite the opposition to polygamy among many Nigerian women, Tinuke Vibes expressed her support for the practice.

Addressing her future husband in the video, Tinuke Vibes emphasized that she would not marry a man who is only willing to marry her.

Tinuke Vibes

She asserted that her husband must be open to having four wives, stating that she doesn’t mind being the second, third, or even the fourth wife.

Tinuke Vibes explained her perspective by highlighting the gender ratio in society, suggesting that there are more women than men. She portrayed herself as a considerate person, willing to share her husband with other women to avoid selfishness.

Offering advice to contemporary women, Tinuke encouraged them to adopt a more open mindset for the sake of peaceful marriages. She urged women to allow their husbands to have multiple wives,

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Tinuke Vibes recommended that women follow her example and marry a financially capable man. The video has ignited discussions about differing perspectives on polygamy within Nigerian society.

Watch the video below;


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