Nollywood Actresses Who Have Lost Their Husbands

The female actresses have continued to grow the Nollywood industry with their skill and passion and this cant be done without the support of their husbands.

Some of them have lost their husbands who have been supportive of their acting career and while some of the female thespians’ husbands are still very much alive.


Nollywood Actresses Who Lost Their Husbands

Concerning those that have lost their husbands, we will be telling 5 of those actresses who have lost their husbands and when they passed on.

1. Bimbo Oshin

The late husband of Bimbo Oshin is Ola Ibironke, he was a Nigerian socialite and music producer. Ibironke died on Sunday, September 12, 2021.

Before his death, he was the captain of the prestigious Ibadan Golf Club reportedly died on Sunday night, September 12.

Various reports have it that he slumped at the golf club around 8:30 pm while out with his friends, as all efforts to resuscitate him were fruitless

2. Patience Ozokwor

Nollywood Actresses Who Have Lost Their Husbands

Patience Ozokwor got married at the early age of 19. According to the veteran actress, her parents rejected the man she wished to marry, forcing her to marry a mechanical engineer who is not her choice.

Sadly, her husband passed away in 2000 after battling a 15-year long illness.

3. Toyin Adegbola

Nollywood Actresses Who Have Lost Their Husbands

Prominent Yoruba actress, Toyin Adegbola was once married to a journalist, Mr. Anthony Kolawole Adegbola whom she met when she was working in the Television House, Ibadan.

Sadly her husband passed away in the early 2000s.

4. Stella Damasus

Nollywood Actresses Who Have Lost Their Husbands

Stella Damasus got married to her first husband, Jaiyejeje Aboderin in the year 1999. Their union was blessed with two beautiful girls before Aboderin died in the year 2004.

However, the actress remarried in 2007 to Emeka Nzeribe, but the marriage ended in a divorce, as both of them went their separate ways.

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