Ebun Oloyede Son

Ebun Oloyede popularly known as Olaiya Igwe is a Nigerian comic actor and producer who has a son that looks so cute just like him.

Ebun Oloyede

Olaiya OIoyede was born on the 27th of July. He hails from Oke Ejigbo, Abeokuta. Ogun State Capital, Southwestern part of Nigeria.

Ridwan Oloyede

Ridwan Oloyede

Ridwan Oloyede is the son of veteran Nigerian actor, Ebun Oleyede popularly known as Olaiya Igwe. Ridwan is a music artist and is currently based in United State.

Ridwan chose music as his path of success, he didn’t take the path of his father as an actor. Ridwan disclosed that his father didn’t want any of his children to go into acting because of the way the industry is.

However, Ridwan did not disclose whether he loved acting or not. He is pursuing his music career in the United State.

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Olaiya Igwe son
Ridwan Oloyede


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