Baba Kekere

Solomon Majekodunmi popularly known as Baba Kekere is a veteran Yoruba actor who has been in the movie industry for more than four decades.

Baba Kekere

He was well known for his roles in Yoruba Home videos from the 80s. He is well respected in the industry. They are some information you might not know about him.Tead them below.

Things You Don’t Know About Baba Kekere

1. Solomon Majekodunmi popularly known as Baba Kekere started acting in the 80s.

2. He worked as a banker in First Bank Plc for 20 years before fully joining the Theatre group.

Iya Kike

3. He is the husband of late Yoruba actress, Toyin Majekodunmi also known as Iya Kike.

4. Baba Kekere and Iya Kike got married in February 1982.

5. They had their first child in April 1982 and they had total of four kids.

Baba Kekere Children

6. Iya Kike died on the 2nd of Janury, 2017 at the age of 60 and wqs laid to rest at Ope Ilu area of Ogun state on Friday, March 3, 2017.

7. He took a long break from the industry, relocating to the US after the death of his precious wife, Mama Kike.

8. He got married to his second wife before the death of mama kike.

Baba Kekere New Wife

9. he started his acting career Immediately he left secondary school and formed a theatre group, named Isale Oro Theatre Group, in 1977.

10. Baba Kekere and his second wife Mrs Olayinka Majekodunmi, are currently based in the US with some of their kids.


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