Nigeria Ghana Twitter
Nigeria Ghana Twitter

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey announced through it’s tweet the presence of twitter in Africa with the opening of African base office in Accra, the Capital of Ghana.

It is indeed a great news for the people of Ghana including their President, Nana Akufo-Ado who thanked Jack for choosing Ghana ahead of many other countries in Africa.

As Ghanaians are celebrating this, it didn’t go well with many Nigerians whom their country has over decades be seen as African giant but was not considered to host tech company.

“The choice of Ghana as HQ for Twitter’s Africa operations is EXCELLENT news. Gov’t and Ghanaians welcome very much this announcement and the confidence reposed in our country. 1/3 #TwitterInGhana  #TwitterGhana”

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Akufo-Ado tweeted

A lot Nigerians received this news with unpleasantry, they were worried about the choice of Twitter selecting Ghana instead of Nigeria.

However, they have no problem with the tech company or against Ghanaians, but their grievance is against the government and those at the helms of affairs in Nigeria.

Most Nigerians who reacted to this argued that if all things were in proper shape, then Nigeria’s population should made Twitter make the country its African base.

They also criticize the government of introducing so many policies that make the nation rather uncomfortable for investors such as Twitter, especially at a time that Nigeria’s parliament is deliberately pushing laws to deprive people of their right

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