Baba Wande Daughter

Alhaji Kareem Adepoju is well known as Baba Wande, he is a Nigerian actor and producer, she has a beautiful daughter named Kareemah.

Kareem Adepoju

According to Wikipedia, Baba Wande was born on the 22nd of April. 1945 in Osun State, Southwestern part of Nigeria.

Baba Wande Daughter

One of the daughters of Baba Wande is Kareemah, Kareemah was born on the 19th of March in Lagos State. She is one out of many children of Kareem Adepoju.

Baba Wande Daughter
Meet Kareemah, The Beautiful Daughter of Baba Wande (Photos)
Kareemah Adepoju

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