Nigerian man with Tricycle

A Nigerian man was left in shock mode when he visited a Keke (tricycle) shop and was told that it now costs N2.6 million to buy one.


He expressed sadness that tricycles have become unaffordable for some people in Nigeria. In a TikTok video posted by @unclenasco, the man explained that he had gone to the shop to stand as a surety for someone who wanted to buy a Keke on hire-purchase.

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However, he changed his mind when he heard the price because he was unsure if the rider could pay such a large amount.


He wrote: “Keke is now sold for 2.6 Million Nigerian Naira and 1 dollar is now 1,800 Naira. Things are getting worse every hour of the day. Is this how we are going to continue?”

The man attributed Keke’s high cost to the dollar scarcity and the foreign exchange crisis in Nigeria.


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