A pregnant woman has revealed how she brought trouble into her family, after she allowed her brother-in-law to shave her.

The 27 year-old on Friday shared her story in popular Facebook female platform, FIA.

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However, the pregnant woman disclosed that her husband has continued to cease from having any discussion with her.

“I’m 28 weeks pregnant and you know how difficult it is to shave down there. I asked hubby to do it for me and he was saying today, tomorrow. So one day, I and my brother in law, older than hubby was talking so he was like he feels for pregnant women and will always pamper his wife when he marries.

So I told him I wish he is my husband. Well to cut it short, he said he could help me shave so I agreed since he’s my husband’s blood. No difference at all. He shaved my armpit and when he was shaving my p****, my husband came in. I tried to explain but he don’t want to listen. What should I do ma. I will be 27 in April. My in law is 39″,she wrote.

Pregnant woman


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