A Nigerian woman at the age of 68 has given birth to twins after spending 46 years in marriage looking for children.

She experienced three failed IVF attempts. Margaret Adenuga who was trying to conceive kids for 46 years along with her husband Noah who is 77 years old.

The couple also used the In-vitro Fertilization process and had three failed attempts. But all their efforts and waiting came to an end when the woman became pregnant and gave birth to twins.

After giving birth to a 68-year-old, this woman in Nigeria became the oldest first-time mother in South Africa. Her husband, Noah, was very happy with the birth of the twins.

The couple not only suffered mᴇntally but financially too, trying to conceive, they moved places and countries to look for a way to get pregnant but failed. Finally, the babies were born at Lagos University Teaching Hospital via Cᴇsarean.


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