“You cannot waste my money” – Actress, Biola Adebayo sleeps inside her son’s baby cot because he refuses to sleep in it

Biola Abayo sleeps inside her son’s baby cot

Actress Biola Adebayo recently made headlines by humorously and resolutely sleeping in her son’s baby cot after his persistent refusal to sleep in it.

The creative approach not only showcased Biola’s commitment as a mother but also sparked laughter and admiration from fans and fellow parents.

The new mum via her Instagram page lamented over how her son doesn’t use his baby cot, bassinet, and more and preferred to be dragging her bed with her.

Venting out over it, Biola Bayo stated that she devised a means to get value for her money by swamping beds with her son.

In the clip she posted on her Instagram page, Biola Bayo could be seen sleeping in her baby cot, and bassinet while her son slept on her bed.

“How can I spend so much buying baby cot, baby bassinet you will not sleep there only to be dragging bed with us? Lailai you can not waste my money… I’ll use them myself ????????????
@jayeola_monje grandma, how far?”

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