Yoruba Actress, Iya Gbonkan begs fans for car

Iya Gbonkan begs fans for car

Nollywood actress Margaret Olayinka, popularly known as Iya Gbonkan, made a heartfelt appeal to her fans, expressing her desire for a car gift.

Despite her decades-long presence in the movie industry, the renowned actress, famous for her creepy roles, expressed her lamentation over not owning a car.

In a circulating video, she disclosed her reliance on public transportation for her mobility, highlighting the convenience it provides.

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Iya Gbonkan made a heartfelt plea to her followers, urging them to celebrate her while she is alive rather than waiting until she has passed away.

“I have been acting for decades yet I don’t have a car. I jump on buses every day. If I die now, you will kill a cow. Celebrate me now that I am alive. I need a car from my fans,” she said.


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