“We love each other” – Mexico Mayor marries a reptile who he calls ‘princess girl’

Mexico Mayor marries a reptile

In a unique and longstanding tradition, the mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, Victor Hugo Sosa, recently participated in a symbolic marriage ceremony with an alligator-like creature known as Alicia Adriana.

This event, held in the town of indigenous Chontal people in Oaxaca state, southern Mexico, was seen as an auspicious ritual believed to bring good fortune to the local community.

Reenacting an ancestral practice, Sosa wed the caiman reptile in a traditional ceremony witnessed by onlookers who enthusiastically clapped and danced.

According to local lore, the caiman, referred to as the “princess girl,” holds special significance, and the mayor expressed that he and the creature had a deep affection for one another.

During the ritual, Sosa conveyed his commitment, stating, “I accept responsibility because we love each other. That is what is important. You can’t have a marriage without love… I yield to marriage with the princess girl.”

Photographs captured the mayor affectionately kissing the caiman on the head, showcasing the reverence with which the ceremony was approached.

For over two centuries, the marriage between a man and a female caiman has been conducted in San Pedro Huamelula as a symbolic representation of peace between the Chontal and Huave indigenous groups.

In this union of the two communities, the mayor, embodying the Chontal king, enters into matrimony with the caiman, symbolizing a Huave princess girl.

Caimans, which are indigenous to Mexico and Central America, inhabit marshes and play a significant role in the ecological diversity of the region.

This extraordinary ritual highlights the cultural richness and deeply rooted traditions of the local indigenous communities in San Pedro Huamelula.


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