There is more unity in Islam than Christianity – Actress, Yetunde Bakare

Yetunde Bakare Islam

Veteran Nigerian actress and producer, Yetunde Bakare has claimed that there is more unity in Islam than in Christianity.

In an Instagram story, Yetunde shared that she found more unity within the Muslim community than she did within Christianity. She also noted a difference in how Muslims and Christians may treat those they do not agree with or dislike.

According to Yetunde, if a Muslim does not like someone, they will make it clear and direct, while a Christian may smile at someone they dislike or disagree with, creating a sense of tension and insincerity.

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She wrote: I’ve tried both…I was born into one but got converted into the other one. There’s more unity in Islam than Christianity. If a Muslim doesn’t F with you, you”ll know it in capital letters but a Christian will detest you and be smiling you at the same time! my opinion. Love and light to all Religions.

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Yetunde Bakare Islam


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