“Thanks for portraying NPF in a good light” – Nigerian Police Force lauds actor Owolabi Ajasa

Nigerian Police and Owolabi Ajasa

The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has lauded a well-known actor Owolabi Ajasa for his positive and uplifting portrayal of the force in his film roles.

The NPF acknowledges and applauds Ajasa’s efforts to shine a positive light on the police through his performances.

In a statement released by the NPF’s Public Relations Officer, Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the force commended Ajasa for his role in promoting the image of the Nigerian police through movies.

Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi wrote,

”We really want to commend the efforts of Comrade Owolabi Ajasa, the governor of TAMPAN Ogun State, who I fondly call the Area Commander, for portraying the NPF in a good light always, even more than some officers of the force.

I have been relating with him and many others for more than 15 years as a PR practitioner in the NPF. OWOLABI stands out because he’s so consistent with his role as an officer in the film industry. I can say today that owolabi is a great ambassador of the NPF.

I hope others like him will emulate him and do the right thing by regulating the use police kits and accoutrements in movies in an appropriate manner that wont cause any friction between the police and the entertainment industry, especially the skit makers. We need to be on the same page for the betterment of the two institutions in Nigeria.”


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