Tears flow as Murphy Afolabi’s students mourn his departure at his memorial artist night

Murphy Afolabi’s students

In a night filled with sorrow, tears flowed freely as students of the late actor Murphy Afolabi gathered to honour his memory at a poignant memorial artist night.

The tribute event honoured their mentor and friend, fostering heartfelt reminiscences and a deep appreciation for Murphy’s profound impact on their lives.

The videos captured Kelvin Ikeduba, Olaiya Igwe, Yemi Solade, Richardo Agbor, Toyosi Adesanya, Adekola Tijani, and a host of others, including Murphy Afolabi’s students at the Blue Roof Agindigbi Lagos state.

Amidst the tears and heartfelt tributes, there was an underlying feeling of unity among Murphy’s students.

Watch the video below:


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