“So disrespectful to the traditional” – Reactions as Pete Edochie shakes Ooni of Ife at a party instead of bowing

Pete Edochie shakes Ooni of Ife

Nollywood veteran Pete Edochie sparked reactions on social media for shaking hands with the Ooni of Ife instead of bowing down, leading to mixed opinions.

During the vibrant 40th birthday dinner party hosted by Elizabeth Jack Rich, the incident unfolded, capturing attention and fueling discussions on social media.

In the viral video, Pete Edochie can be seen warmly shaking hands with the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, as they exchanged pleasantries at the event.

See video:

However, the absence of the customary bowing gesture, a sign of respect to Yoruba traditional rulers, sparked mixed reactions on social media. Some viewed it as disrespectful, while others blamed the Ooni.

– The blame is on the Ooni of Ife for going to that kind place and for also accepting a hand shake from people;I’m not against the nollywood stars but they supposed to bow before the stool of the king of ife.if it was the former ooni of ife who could try this and even give him hand shake?

– I visited different palaces in the east during the course or a project I was working on, and each time I want to greet the Igwe, I will ask to postrate like an omoluabi. Surprisingly, they Igwes always will decline because it is not their tradition. The chiefs will gently ask me to stand up and greet, introduce yourself and sit-down.

What a culture shock! But that’s their tradition, so before you walk with your heads instead of your legs, ask yourself certain questions. 1. Was Ooni in his palace sitting on his stool when this happened? 2. Are the people in question from the same culture? 3. Is Idobale (Porstrate) always a sign of genuine respect? 4. Is Ooni a king of the two veteran Actors? 5. Was this event in ife? I understand that Ooni is a king to some kings in Yoruba land and even a recognized first class king in Yoruba land and if I meet him anywhere…my chest will be on the floor. I don’t expect my Ibo brothers to do the same except when in his palace. When we travel round and experience different cultures, our exposure and ways of thinking will change.

– They gave the Oba a three handshake which is how great men are traditionally greeted in Igboland, do you expect Chief Pete Edochie to prostrate for the Oba???? it’s not done, we are NdIgbo.


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