“She never smiles” – Meet 20-years-old lady who looks like a 5-year-old girl

She never smiles

A 20-year-old lady identified as Josephine is often mistaken for a 5-year-old girl because of her appearance that looks like a small girl.

Josephine was born with a condition that made her very short with a slightly larger head, and a back tumor that has affected her life and aspiration.

According to Afrimax who shared her story, Josephine’s mum said that her daughter began to walk at age 11 after she started crawling late at age six.

This resulted in her starting school late. Afrimax reported that Josephine’s dream was to become a model but her condition would not allow her.

The lady who now plays football desires to someday replace Lionel Messi. Josephine is seen in the video Afrimax shared, playing football with other kids.

Watch the video below:


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