“Please Celebrate Me Today, I’m A Year Older” – Actress Bimbo Oshin Celebrates Her 52nd Birthday

Bimbo Oshin 52nd Birthday

Renowned veteran actress and filmmaker, Bimbo Oshin, joyfully commemorates her 52nd birthday on her official Instagram account

Through captivating photos of herself, she expresses heartfelt gratitude to the Almighty for His unwavering love, and boundless mercy, and for being her everything.

In a poignant appreciation note, she writes,  “It’s my birthday today! I thank God for His unconditional love, abundant mercy, and for being everything to me. I’m filled with splendor and sheer happiness as I embrace this new age like a coat of many colors, and I know it can only be You, Lord. Your grace has sustained me through the darkest parts of my journey. …..I am indeed a DAUGHTER OF GRACE!”

Reflecting on life’s journey with its ups and downs, she acknowledges that a phenomenal year is worth giving thanks to God for. She offers prayers for guidance, success, and blessings not only for herself but also for the talented, smart, beautiful, and wonderful people sharing their birthdays on the same day. She hopes for a new year full of grace, kindness, and God’s everlasting mercy.

Expressing her appreciation to the people who made her last year wonderful, she adds, “God bless you all.” With a deep sense of faith and hope, she seeks comfort in God’s embrace and takes solace in the knowledge that He watches over and guides her.

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