Yetunde Barnabas Husband

Yetunde Barnabas, a Nigerian model, actress and film producer is happily married to Nigerian professional footballer, Peter Olayinka.

Yetunde won The Most Beautiful Girl in Abuja pageant in 2017 and was crowned Miss Tourism Nigeria in 2019.

Peter Olayinka is a Nigerian footballer who plays as a forward for the Czech Republic club, Slavia Prague in the Fortuna Liga.

Yetunde and Peter Marriage

Beautician, Yetubde Barnabas just tied the knot this year, 2021 with her Football lover, Olayinka with a grand wedding celebration that brought lots of celebrities together from the entertainment and world of sport.

Yetunde Barnabas Age

According to Wikipedia, Yetunde Barnabas was born on August 30, 1990, in Ilorin, Kwara State capital, this confirms her age to be 31.

Peter Olayinka Age

According to Wikipedia, Peter Olayinka was born on November 18, 1995, in Ibadan, Oyo State, this also confirms Peter’s age to be 26.

Difference in Age

Discussions about their age difference cannot be left untended. It is not strange or new that the wife is older than her husband but looking closely at Peter and his wife, people will question the correctness of Peter’s age.

Though it is not coming as a surprise to many Nigerians because many footballers from the West African country never disclose their real age, they reduce their age because many of them get into the limelight at older ages and they have to remain relevant in their clubs.

Youtube is 5 years older than Peter, well it is left for many to believe that or not. Though many blogs wrote that Yetunde is 27. Even with that, she is still older than him, but by one year.

According to Wikipedia whose information can be relied on, Ytunde is 31 and Olayinka is 26 and that remains their official age.



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