An American lady, Jenny Flatoue has declared on LinkedIn that all Nigerians are not scammers as many of them are great friends and business partners.

The marketing expert disclosed that she has many Nigerian friends and business partners who are doing great at their craft, dealings and working hard to make the world better.

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She said her recent encounter with those who continue to paint all Nigerians as bad characters made her to put this out, adding that it is an act of racism.

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“Not all Nigerians are scammers
Not all Nigerians are scammers


This plain generalization and racism should stop. I have many Nigerian friends and business partners who are genuinely great at their craft, dealings and breaking barriers to make the world better.

I am just putting this out there because of recent encounters with people who continue to make such nonfactual comments that paints some group of people as bad characters. There are bad and good people everywhere.

Stay safe and be smart

Are all Nigerians scammers

However, in reaction to her post, many reactions have sprung from both Nigerians and other nationals. Many agreed with her while few others believe that calling all Nigerians as scammers it isn’t a bad thing.

See reactions of those that agrees

Micheal van de Weg agrees with Jenny; “Living in South Africa we were exposed to Nigerian crime in our cities and it didn’t paint a pretty picture of Nigerians. When I first went to Nigeria on business I was in for a very pleasant surprise.

I found all Nigerians I met to be wonderfully polite, proud and wonderful to engage. “You are welcome!” with wide open arms is such a warm greeting I became accustomed to in Nigeria.


I found out that they were ashamed by the behaviour of Nigerians propagating crime in other countries. I still generalise but now I speak of how warm and welcoming Nigerians are.”

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Andrew Stuart also agree with Jenny; “I worked in Nigeria for 3 years. You are absolutely right. I’ve been asked, but they only in it for themselves, my reply is always, go walk in their shoes and see how you will approach life without, unemployment funds, welfare, and the things some take for granted.


They don’t just give up, they make a plan. Loved my time there, they aren’t scared of work. There are scammers from every nation. I have received 5 calls today from Eastern people.”

Colin Kelman also agree; “Is Nigeria any worse than the UK or US nowadays …I think not!!! Nigeria is just maybe more transparent than other countries who have been trying desperately for years to cover up their corruption problems but down the line they always get found out.

If corruption in government cant be eradicated all together then is it not better to know sooner rather than later that your government is screwing you over? At least if you know sooner tax payers money wont be wasted on years of trying to hide issues. JUST SAYIN?”

Joseph Salvati disagrees

He believes Nigerians are scammers; “Jenny get real, I lived and worked in Lagos for 5.5 years, believe me their average for dishonesty is higher than anywhere else,a lot higher. Sad but true!”

Reaction from a Nigerian

Chinmere Iheonu writes; “About two months ago, I had this PhD candidate from Italy I was teaching applied econometrics via zoom. We met through researchgate. There was a particular class I decided to record the teaching for about 5minutes to see my teaching performance.

The moment the lady knew I was recording my teaching she felt uncomfortable (I should have taken her permission anyway, but it was just for a few harmless minutes).


That class was the last. Funny thing was that the teaching was for free. Then again she hardly showed her face for the camera throughout the teaching. Knowing I was a Nigerian she was uncomfortable from the very beginning.”

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