Nigeria medical treatment is okay, people who are going abroad, choose to – Chris Ngige

Nigeria medical treatment is okay

Minister of labor and productivity, Chris Ngige has disclosed hat that the medical treatment received in Nigeria is not bad as people perceived it.

Nigeria medical treatment is okay
Nigerian Labour Minister, Chris Ngige

The minister made this disclosure at the Channel Television evening program, Political Platform anchored by Seun Okinbolye.

When asked if the country’s healthcare sector is good enough to discourage Nigerians from traveling abroad, Ngige said it is fairly okay.

He further disclosed that he has been receiving received better medical attention at the National Hospital, Abuja, and another private hospital in the country.

Commenting on the ongoing strike by the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD), the minister said the Federal Government will be invoking a work no pay for the striking doctors. 

He said; 

“I haven’t said everything is perfect. I have said that viz-a-viz what we have on ground and the political situation we have, what we are practising — a federation — where health is on the concurrent list, the federal government has exercised its own function well, for me.
“On a good note, on an average note, on a comparative note, medical treatment here is fairly okay as far as I’m concerned. Yes, at least if you visit federal medical centres. 
“I use the National Hospital here (referring to Abuja). You can go; my card is there.”


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