Madam Saje Daughter

Mama Saje is a veteran Nollywood Yoruba actress, scriptwriter and movie producer, she has a lookalike daughter, named Bintu Balogun.

According to Wikipedia, Madam Saje was born on the 13th of February, 1959 in Ifelodun, Kwara State, Nigeria,

The real name of Mama Saje is Fausat Abeni Balogun. She is an indigenous of Kwara State. She became famous as Mama Saje when she was featured in the 1990 television series, Erin Kee Kee.

She has been in the movie industry for more than four decades. She is majorly based in the Yoruba movie industry.

She is not just a veteran actress but an amazing mother. She married her boss, Rafiu Balogun. She bore a daughter who look so much like her. The name of the child is Bintu Balogun.

Mama Saje Daughter

Bintu Balogun is the only daughter and last born of Mama Saje. She is not just the daughter of Mama Saje but also an actress, fashion designer, scriptwriter and entrepreneur.

She was born in the 1970s in Kwara State. She is the younger sister of Afeez Adio Balogun.

She became famous when she was featured in Oro Idile. She is a fast-rising actress in the industry. She has featured in some movies like Owo Gbewiri, Oro Idile, Olododo, Iwa , Olori, Alukoro, Karunwi, Ekundayo, Egungun, Orisa And Other Yoruba Films.

Bintu is happily married with three kids. She is an entrepreneur. She is the Founder of Spectrum Fashion House in Lagos State.


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