Meet Sulaimon, The First Son of Late Actor, Murphy Afolabi (Photos)

Murphy Afolabi First Son

Murphy Afolabi was a Nollywood actor, producer and director, talking about his first son, his name is Sulaimon who said he offended his father before his demise.

The veteran actor was born on the 5th of May 1974 in Osogbo, Osun state capital, Southwestern part of Nigeria.

Murphy Afolabi First Son

Meet Sulaimon, The First Son of Late Actor, Murphy Afolabi (Photos)

SUlaimon is the first son of late Nigeria acotr, Muphy Aolabi. He is the eldest among the three children of the Murphy

The actor’s son admitted during his burial on Monday that he offended his father before he sadly passed away but was never given the chance to apologize.

He revealed that a month before to his passing, he had visited his father, who had shockingly given him a sizable sum of money and instructed him to bring his wife and children. Unaware of it, he was having his father’s final encounter.

Despite everything, he was grateful to the late actor for raising him as a father.

“He was a father to me, I appreciate all that he did for me. Even though I offended him, he should forgive me wherever he is. When I saw him last month, he never told me he is leaving me. He gave me over N100,000 and told me to go bring my wife and day”


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