Yinka Quadri Last Born

Yinka Quadri is a Nigerian actor, producer, and director who has a beautiful daughter, Aaliyah that was born and lives in the United Kingdom.

Yinka Quadri

According to Wikipedia, Olayinka a native of Oro in Kawara and was born in Lagos Island, Lagos State on the 6th of September, 1969. 

Aliyah Quadri

Aliyah Quadri

Aliyah Oyinkansola Quadri is the last born of veteran Nollywood actor, Yinka Quadri. He was born and lives in England.

Yinka gave birth to her and the other 4 children which makes them five in number. The five of them are sound and doing well in their endeavours.

Yinka Quadri Daughter
Aliyah Quadri

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