Man Reacts Over The Luxury Gift His Girlfriend Got From Her Male Bestie On Her Birthday

A young-looking man whose name is unknown got confused about what reaction should he give his girlfriend whose male bestie gift her an iPhone 13 and 600k on her birthday.

His friend, Remy shared the conversation with his guy concerning the babe. He shared it on his Twitter account @thesameremy.

His friend was so confused about the whole situation and he didn’t want to leave the girl because he loved her so dearly. The gift he initially thought of giving his babe was a sneaker worth 30k and his girlfriend’s male bestie is gifting something worth 1 million nairas.

His friend, Thesameremy tried convincing him not to indulge in bad things just for a lady or to let her know that you love her. The good adviser, @thesameremy took his Twitter handle to share the screenshot of the conversation. Below is the screenshot;

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