“Mama of Triplets”: Lady Flaunts Large Baby Bump, Welcomes 3 Kids At Once, Cute Video Trends


A female TikTok user has attracted a lot of attention after sharing a cute video of her triplets on the platform.

The beautiful mum, whose name is Ify, posted photos and video of her baby bump and she got a lot of attention from people.

Ify called herself Mama of Triplets and laid the babies beautifully for the public to see how blessed she is.

In another scene of the video, her husband made an appearance as they celebrated together.

TikTok users react to video of triplets
@STELLA 2267997217238 said:

“Congratulations ma’ma I tap dis Grace Amen.”

@Good Health said:

“Big Congratulations. Amen Amen Amen.”

@cashierautomotive said:

“Wow..congratulations Dear. I tap into your blessings in Jesus Mighty Name.”

@chinedulynda commented:

“Congratulations I tap your blessings.”


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