Lady beats up mother-in-law for insulting and calling her barren woman

Lady beats mother-in-law

Young lady couldn’t hold her emotion as she beats up her r mother-in-law for calling her barren and making plans to arrange another woman for her husband.

Theeladi, a Twitter who happens to be the cousin of the lady narrated that her cousin lost her tamper with her mother-in-law after hauling series of insults and namecallings about her childlessness in the marriage.

The part story reads;

“Apparently insults were thrown around and other general forms of disrespect. My cousin decides to beat her up once and for all. Moghel doesn’t fight back. She just cries. Hubs and his dad come back and cousin asks them to drive her back to her parent’s house.

Hysterical mom in-law says she got a beating. Cousin denies and says she’d never hurt a fly. On some. “but baby you know me mos? Why would I hurt an old woman?”

They fail to resolve it and drive her home anyway. Cousin makes it clear that the only time she’s leaving.”

Read in full here:

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