“I was not kidnapped, I left home myself because am depressed” – Comic actor, Ijoba Lande reveals

Ijoba Lande depressed

Comic actor Ijjoba Lande has clarified that he was not kidnapped as some speculated, he disclosed that he left his home due to depression.

After five days after being reported missing, the actor was discovered in the Igando area of Lagos State appearing disheveled and wearing soiled clothing.

In a video posted on his social media pages on Thursday evening 2023, Ijjoba Lande addressed the speculations surrounding his disappearance, clarifying the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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He disclosed that he had been struggling emotionally and made the decision to leave his home without notifying anyone.

“I wasn’t kidnapped, I left home myself because I was depressed. I didn’t tell anyone where I was going or what I was going through,” he said.

He and his family express their gratitude towards everyone who supported them during their difficult time. Additionally, he pledges to provide a thorough explanation of the reasons behind his departure from the house.

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