“I Jumped Into A River Myself In The Midnight So That Nobody Will Be Able To Rescue Me” – Ijoba Lande Finally Reveals

Ijoba lLande Reveals another story

The video shared by Ijoba Lande’s colleague revealed that he had gone missing for four days and had to jump into a river to avoid being rescued.

He explained that he was facing personal problems that he needed time to sort out. The emotional nature of the video showed the turmoil that Ijoba Lande was going through, and it is a reminder that celebrities also face personal struggles and need support and understanding.

In his statement in the video, Ijoba Lande explained that he waited until midnight to jump into the river to avoid being noticed. He emphasized that his decision to go missing was due to the problems he was facing and not because he was stupid or immature.

The news of Ijoba Lande’s return to his house has brought relief and joy to his family, colleagues, and fans. It highlights the importance of support and concern for people in the public eye who may be dealing with personal issues affecting their well-being. It is crucial to show compassion and empathy towards others during difficult times.

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