“EFCC I Am Waiting For You” – Nigerian Young Boy Reveals He Has 2 Years Left To Spend 8 Billion

Nigerian Young Boy and EFCC

A young Nigerian Nigeran man on TikTok, a young man going by the handle @guccilord26 was seen flaunting a pricey home, car, and attire.

He was shown gallivanting arrogantly about a mansion that he said he bought in Banana Island in the video that was shot in front of a duplex.

With the statement “EFCC should get ready since I have just two years to spend 8 billion,” he posted the video to social media.

He said it would only take him two years to spend everything he had.

While some Internet users contacted him for advice on how to become wealthy, others dubbed his jewels bogus.

Some of the comments read:

@Ogidan Olasupo: “Check the stainless gold well ”

@*’OFF_LINE_BOY_’*: “hope say no be only me see the nylon wen dem put for the back door

@MKAY LYT: “ur boss no dey house you come dey worry us ”

@smilezgal: “Pls help me tooo… I want to start my fashion shop”

@Prettysoul piper: “if I ask for support will he wanna help???? I like your hair”


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