Ayinde Barrister Biography – Age, Early Life, Career. Family, Death and Net Worth

Ayinde Barrister Biography

Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Oloade Adeyimika Balogun was a Nigerian Fuji singer and ex-army officer born on the 9th of February 9th in Lagos State.

Ayinde Barrister Biography

Nigeria, to a father who was a butcher and a mother who was a trader. His parents were indigenes of Ibadan, Oyo state. He was a Nigerian songwriter and entertainer.

NameAlhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister
BornFebruary 9, 1948
Place of BirthLagos State
DiedDecember 16, 2010 (aged 62)
Burial placeIsolo, Lagos State, Nigeria
Known forRevolution of Fuji and Were music
ChildrenBarry Showkey, Barry Jhay
Also known asAlhaji Agba
Occupation(s)Singer-songwriter, entertainer
Years active1965–2010
Net Worth$100 – $200 Million

Ayinde Barrister Biography

Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Oloade Adeyimika Balogun aka Sikiru Ayinde (known as Sikiru Ayinde Barrister) was a Nigerian Fuji singer born on February 9th, 1948 in Lagos state

Ayinde Barrister Early Life

Ayinde Barrister Early Life

By age ten, Ayinde had mastered a complex, Yoruban vocal style traditionally performed during the holy month of Ramadan. Although he briefly attended a Muslim school, Yaba Polytechnic, in 1961, financial difficulties prevented him from continuing. Leaving school, he found employment as a stenographer.

Sikiru Ayinde Career

Sikiru Ayinde Career

In 1966, Ayinde Barrister released his first LP record. During that time, he usually played with his band at events around Ebute Meta and Lagos primarily for Muslim clients.

He released further records under the label African Songs Ltd before starting his own label Sky-Oluyole Records. Among the LPs released under African songs are Bisimilahi (1977) and Ile Aiye Dun Pupo/Love In Tokyo (India Sound) (1976).

By the early 1980s, Ayinde Barrister and Fuji music had become accepted by all religions in the country. He went on to record various albums including Iwa (1982), Nigeria (1983), Fuji Garbage (1988) and New Fuji Garbage (1993) under his imprint. He had a bitter feud with another Fuji singer, Killington Ayinla in 1982.

Ayinde Barrister Songs & Album

  • Ejeka Gbo T’Olorun (7?; Niger Songs ??) (1966)
  • Vol.1: Waya Rabi
  • Vol.2: Alayinde Ma De O
  • Vol.3: Mecca Special
  • Vol.4: Itan Anobi Rasao
  • Vol.5: E Sa Ma Mi Lengbe
  • Vol.6: Ori Mi Ewo Ninse / Majority Boy (1975)
  • Vol.7: Ile Aiye Dun Pupo / Love In Tokyo (India Sound)(1975)
  • Vol.8: Fuji Exponent (1976)
  • Vol.9
  • Vol. 10 (African Songs, 1977)
  • Bisimilai (African Songs, 1977)
  • Omo Nigeria (African Songs, 1977)
  • Olojo Eni Mojuba (Siky Oluyole, 1978)
  • Our Late Artistes (Siky Oluyole, 1978)
  • London Special (Siky Oluyole, 1979)
  • Fuji Reggae Series 2 (Siky Oluyole, 1979)
  • Eyo Nbo Anobi (Siky Oluyole, 1979)
  • Awa O Ja (Siky Oluyole, 1979)
  • Fuji Disco (Siky Oluyole, 1980)
  • Oke Agba (Siky Oluyole, 1980)
  • Aiye (Siky Oluyole, 1980)
  • Family Planning (Siky Oluyole, 1981)
  • Suru Baba Iwa (Siky Oluyole, 1981)
  • Ore Lope (Siky Oluyole, 1981)
  • E Sinmi Rascality (Siky Oluyole, 1982)
  • Iwa (Siky Oluyole, 1982)
  • Ise Logun Ise (No More War) (Siky Oluyole, 1982)
  • Eku Odun (Siky Oluyole, 1982)
  • Ijo Olomo (Siky Oluyole, 1983)
  • Nigeria (Siky Oluyole, 1983)
  • Love (Siky Oluyole, 1983)
  • Barry Special (Siky Oluyole, 1983)
  • Military (Siky Oluyole, 1984)

Ayinde Barrister Personal Life

At the time he died on December 16th, 2010 the singer had about 16 wives and at least 62 children. Alhaji Agba, as he was popularly called, lived with only one of his wives in his palatial mansion,

Fuji Chambers is situated in Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria while others live all over Nigeria and other parts of the world. Some of the wives, are Yetunde, Bola, Bisi, Olayinka, Kehinde, Yemi, Mejidat, Faderera, Alhaja Morufat and Aisha, Balogun. 16 of his wives wore the same Ankara aso ebi when they attended the eight-day fidau prayer held in his honour at Fuji Chambers, Isolo. 

The most loved among the wives was the late Alhaja Maimunat Balogun. The fuji icon named the mosque in the Fuji Chambers after her to immortalise her and as a practical demonstration of his love for her. Some of the wives had between 3 to 5 kids each and the youngest was the daughter of his bosom friend named Adisa Pele whose marriage to the fuji king was controversial.

During his lifetime he rationalised his marriage to his friend’s daughter in one of his songs, saying it is not new because it happened during the time of Muhammed. He died at St. Mary’s Hospital, London, UK and was buried in his home at Isolo, Lagos.

Ayinde Barrister Awards

Ayinde was awarded the Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR). He remains the only Fuji artist to be given the national honour to date.

Ayinde Barrister Net Worth

Ayinde Barrister’s net worth wasn’t actually clear but there was an estimation o be around $100 – $200 Million before he died in 2010.


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