10 Yoruba Actors and Actresses Who Are Over 70 Years Of Age (Photos)

Actors and Actresses Who Are Over 70 Years

The aged Yoruba actors and actresses who are above aren’t ready to relent add they are still very active in the movie industry.

So here are actors who are over 70 years of age and still enjoying their lives.

1. Charles Olumo

Charles Olumo

Charles Olumo who is popularly known as Agbako is the oldest actor alive, he celebrated his 94th birthday sometime last year so he is 95 years this year.

2. Lere Paimo

Eda Onile Ola

Lere Paimo known as Eda Onileola is one of the actors who is over 70 years of age. He is presently 80 years old.

3. Idowu Phillips

Idowu Philips

Idowu Phillips widely known as Mama Rainbow is one of the oldest actresses alive, she is presently 77 years old.

4. Olajumoke Ray

Mama Ray

Mama Ray Eyiwunmi who celebrated her 79th birthday earlier is one of the oldest actresses in the industry.

5. Kareem Adepoju

Kareem Adepoju

Kareem Adepoju known as Baba Wande is 75 years old so he’s one of the oldest actors in the entertainment industry.

6. Peter Fatomilola

Peter Fatomilola

The actor with a white beard is without doubt one of the oldest in the industry today. He is 74 years old.

7. Yemi Elebuibon

Yemi Elebuibon

The actor who is specifically good at acting as a herbalist is 73 years old.

8. Kola Oyewo

Kola Oyewo

Kola Oyewo is one of the most educated actors in the Yoruba movie, he is a rounder actor and he’s 74 years old.

9. Jimoh Aliu

Jamiu Aliu

Jimoh acted the story of D. O. Fagunwa (Igbo Olodumare) he is 80 years old.

10. Grace Oyin Adejobi

Oyin Adejobi

Mama Osogbo was born on the 23rd of August, 1930 to a father who is a contractor and a mother who is a trader in Osogbo, Osun State capital. She is 82 years of age as of 2022.


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